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and take yourself to the next level!

Fusion School

You can learn about air safety and improve your skills through the SIV courses (Simulation d'Incidents en Vol) we give in Oludeniz. Spend some days in paradise and fly over the sea while learning everything you need to know about paragliding safety. Thanks to Raúl's experience giving SIV courses you will have the chance to practice maneuvers on the ground with flight simulators. This is the best way to understand gestural movements before piloting your glider. If you are willing to improve your aerobatic maneuvers, the 10-time aerobatic world champion, Horacio Llorens, will help you take your piloting to the next level.

Do you prefer to enjoy the stunts as a passenger? Come meet us in Organyà. Both Raúl and Horacio created a handful of aerobatic maneuvers that you can safely experience in a tandem flight while they are piloting.


Whether you want to improve paragliding safety through a SIV course or you wish to learn how to perform acrobatic paragliding, we have the perfect course you need to achieve your goals.


Come fly with us and experience unforgettable aerobatics as a passenger while we pilot the glider. There are three different packs to choose from!


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